“No child needs to go to bed hungry tonight, not in Los Angeles, anyway.  And no one needs to go to school on an empty stomach, tomorrow.  There’s plenty of food around.   It’s just in the wrong places.”  ~Doris Presley

Our Mission:   If decomposing food were a country, it’d be the third largest source of greenhouse gases on the planet, right behind the United States and China.  Doris wants to get that food into empty bellies, instead of landfills – fight hunger and climate change at the same time, at no cost to the taxpayer.

The homeless population has reached critical numbers.  Food for the homeless has increased but there are still many going to sleep on sidewalks, hungry. Doris Presley and Jerry Chan, champions of DORIS CARES, are determined to offer food to anyone who needs it:  poor families, the working poor, at-risk teens, women and children in shelters, single moms with children, battered women in shelters, homeless including homeless youth, our unemployed veterans, people living with disabilities and the disenfranchised multi-ethnic and the LGBT all across Los Angeles.  And all religions and nationalities.

Doris Cares is a 501(c), volunteer-based organization, dedicated to feeding the hungry. Doris Presley and Jerry Chan can claim close to 40 years experience, between them, in feeding the hungry. What drives both of them is the inability to stand around doing nothing while good food’s being wasted.

There’s plenty of food around:  A noted Beverly Hills chef needed to clear out his refrigerators, to make room for new food coming in.  So poor kids, all over the city, dined on Kobe beef that night.  Another night, another chef, and they dined on sauteed salmon.  Another time it was lobster and crab.  All over greater Los Angeles, chefs and restaurants, food shows, studios and production houses, caterers and markets are ending up with perishable food they can’t keep.  Used to be all they could do with it was put it in the trash.  But now they can call Jerry, and he’ll put it in empty stomachs, instead.

This website is to steer you through the daily routines of two ordinary citizens who do extraordinary deeds with only one goal in mind…to feed hungry kids, families and the homeless.  If after you see their journey and would like to help them, please consider pledging whatever you can to the purchase of a refrigerated van.  No donation is too small. It takes a village to help those less fortunate and you are our village.

You would also be helping us with our daily operating expenses: gas for the truck, containers and bags for food pick-up, truck maintenance, truck insurance yearly cost and kitchen and serving supplies.  No amount is too small, as every little bit helps!

Most Sincerely,

Doris Cares is a 501(c) non-profit, volunteer-based organization.  Tax ID # 81-0988915

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