“Doris Presley exemplifies how we can all make a difference and help others along the way.”

Doris Presley –  For the past 25+ years, Doris has been volunteering her services for various feeding and relief organizations throughout the Los Angeles area: MATC – Marine Therapeutic Center, an operation which specializes in special needs clients, Project Angel Food, an AIDS relief organization, and Hope for the Homeless Youth, an organization dedicated to “Reaching The Hurting Youth of The Inner City”, and GWHFC – Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition, to name a few.

Even at age 87, there’s no slowing down for Doris, as she and Jerry currently have established Doris Cares, in order to continue feeding the needy and to include the disenfranchised multi-ethnic and the LGBT all across Los Angeles.  Her 25+ year vision and personal commitment feeding the hungry, extends to her current job as a chef for Marine Adult Therapeutic Center where she provides, through her network of food donors, a homemade nutritious lunch to all MATC clients.  In 2014,  Doris received the 20th Annual Appreciation Employee of the Year award at Marine Therapeutic Center.  Doris also received a commendation from the Mayor of the City of West Hollywood.

Working with MATC and working through 12 churches as feeding centers, Doris provides food to over 500 families in the Hispanic Community. This effort is all volunteer.IMG_7188

Jerry Chan –  “It has always been my belief to expand and share food to all who are hungry.” Over fifteen years ago, Jerry worked for the studios and found enormous amounts of food being wasted daily.  He took this left over food and instead of throwing it away, he drove it to Hollywood Blvd. and fed homeless kids out of his car.  There’s been no turning back and for the past fifteen + years, Jerry has been chauffeuring food between donors and recipients.  He works, tirelessly, with only one goal in mind…how many more donors can I get on board for Doris and how many more people can we feed today?  Jerry is a big man with an even bigger heart.





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