Organizational Staff

BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Doris Presley, Leslie Weinstein, Leticia Gomez, David Weinstein

OFFICERS: Doris Presley: President, David Weinstein: Vice-President, Leticia Gomez: Secretary, Leslie Weinstein: Treasurer

BOARD MEMBERS:  Elizabeth Weinstein, Edward Manukyan

VOLUNTEERS: Elizabeth Weinstein, Justine O’Grady, Leticia Gomez, Eireann O’Grady, Cecelia Calderon, Lauren O’Grady, Kevin Calderon, Ryan O’Grady, Eric Brockhoft, Angelica Gomez, Edward Manukyan, Catherine Manukyan, Gisele, Zoe Sun


Articles of Corporation, State Tax Exempt Letter, By-Laws Budget

Tax ID#:   81-0988915






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